Tuesday, January 4, 2011

எப்படி Internet Explorer 9ஐ நீக்கி Explorer 8ஐ கொணர்வது?

Steps to restore Internet explorer 8 by uninstalling Internet Explorer 9 Beta
I upgraded my into with lot of expectation. But really I am fed up with ie9 Beta.

WHY I RESTORED Explorer 8:-

  • While opening the ie9,everytime it asks questions like whether to disable addons
  • Flash not wroking in some sites like http://portal.bsnl.in
  • Unable to read Tamil in some of the Scribd documents just like Opera

OK. Let us see how to uninstall ie9 beta in

  1. go to control panel
  2. click Programs and Features
  3. click "View installed updates" under head 'Tasks"
  4. go to explorer 9 & click uninstall
  5. now our user friendly internet explorer 8 (or your previous version what you had before upgrading the browser) will be restored with all our features with updated favouries,without losing password & cookies