Monday, September 19, 2011

பொதுவுடைமை நூல்கள்

கம்யூனிஸ்டுக் கட்சி அறிக்கை
(கார்ல் மார்க்ஸ், ஃபிரெடெரிக் ஏங்கெல்ஸ்)
தமிழாக்கம்: மு.சிவலிங்கம் 

மார்க்ஸியச் சிந்தனை மையம்Marx/Engels Image map


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Karl Marx

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Includes 3 volumes of “The History of the Russian Revolution”
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Marx/Engels Biography
and Archives of Family Members

Karl Marx:

Karl Marx
    from M.I.A. Glossary
Biographical overview (until 1869)
    by F. Engels (1869)
Karl Marx
    by F. Engels (1877)
The Death of Karl Marx
    by F. Engels, various articles (1883)
Marx and the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (1848-49)
    by F. Engels (1884)
Biography of Marx
    by F. Engels (1892)
On the love between Jenny and Karl Marx
    by Eleanor Marx (his daughter; 1897-98)
Karl Marx
    by Eleanor Marx (his daughter; June 1883)
Karl Marx: Brief Biographical Sketch with Exposition of Marxism 
    by V.I. Lenin (1914)
Karl Marx: His Life and Works
    by Otto Rühle (1928)
Karl Marx: His Life and Work
    Progress Publishers
Karl Marx. A Life (excerpt)
    by Francis Wheen (2002)
Marx’s “Confession”, 1865

See also the Letters of Jenny Marx

Recollections of Marx’s Literary Interests:

Biographical Notes on Marx’s Literary Interests
    by Eleanor Marx-Aveling
Small Traits of Marx’s Great Character
    by Franzisca Kugelmann
From Reminiscences of the First International
    by Anselmo Lorenzo 

Frederick Engels:

Biographical Article
    by Marx (1880)
Biographical Article
    by V. I. Lenin (1895)
Engels’ “Confession”, 1868

Encyclopedia Article
    Handwörterbuch der Staatswissenschaften (1892)
Encyclopedia Article
    Brockhaus' Konversations-Lexikon (1893)

Recollections of Engels’s Literary Interests:

My Acquaintance with Engels
    by N S Rusanov
from Reminiscences
    by Fanni Kravchinskaya 


Various media Interviews on both Engels and Marx
    (1871 - 1893)
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: An Intro
    A book by David Riazanov (1927)
Recollections on Marx and Engels
    by Mikhail Bakunin (1871)